Calcagnini Contemplative Center


“Contemplatives in Action.” This phrase captures the essence of Jesuit intent perhaps more than any other. At the heart of Ignatian teachings is the Jesuit tradition of spiritual retreats. The Calcagnini Contemplative Center serves the 20 retreat programs at Georgetown University, the premier Jesuit school in the United States.

Georgetown’s program of retreats is varied; some are religious – covering all faiths represented at the university; many retreats are secular. Historically, the University had rented multiple venues to serve this broad agenda. In 2004, Georgetown purchased land in rural Clarke County, Virginia to build a center to house all its retreats.

Organized about two quads, the Center comprises multiple buildings. The Entry Court, Chapel, Dining Hall, Community Building and an existing, circa 1885, farmhouse, define a public courtyard with westerly views to the mountains and Shenandoah Valley. The cabin ranges center on a smaller and more private court.

This Center serves the core mission of Georgetown University unlike any other facility in the school’s 225-year history.

Awards & Publications

2015 Virginia Society of Architects AIA Merit Award in Architecture

2015 WoodWorks Regional Excellence Award

2014 NAIOP Honor Award

Wood Design & Building, 2015, “Celebrating Excellence in Wood Structures”

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