Pool House



We were asked to design a pool and pool-house overlooking a mountain-top in Huntsville, AL. The program was simple – changing rooms, kitchen, living/dining area, exercise room and sauna. The pool-house is imagined as an open-air pavilion, connecting inside and out in an uninterrupted flow of space. Further, the roof is made up of thin panels separated with continuous skylights. The pool is designed to heighten one’s sense of the landscape and view by suggesting that the water is flowing off the mountain-side like a waterfall.

Awards & Publications

2008 Alabama AIA; Award for Excellence in Architecture

2007 Residential Architect Online

2004 Southern Home Awards: Southern Living Magazine

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Hualalai O’Hana



Located in Hualalai, a resort community on Hawaii’s Kona coast, this home is a vacation gathering spot for a extended family whose members live on opposite coasts of the mainland.  Comprising a main living pavilion, two smaller wings and a separate cottage, which together form a central court, the house is designed to serve three adult couples, and guests.  The idea of Makai – towards the ocean – and Mauka – to the mountain – inform the Hawaiian sense of place in fundamental ways.  With views to each, the Pacific to the west and Mauna Kea to the east, we sought to develop a site plan and home design that fully weaves indoor and out, engages with the monumental landscapes of mountain and ocean while also recognizing the importance of the small scale landscape and intimate garden rooms.

The design provides a range of spaces integrating interior and exterior rooms. Some with breath taking views, others that are more immediate affording quiet and repose. This constellation of spaces – indoor and outdoor  – also allows for the ebb and flow of privacy and gathering in a fluid and easy pattern.

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Chalon Residence



Sited on a two acre wooded lot in Bethesda, Md, this project,  the home of a young couple and their six children, combines a main house, small guest house and a pool & pergola. From initial discussions and earliest sketches our design focused on the dual intentions of integrating building & landscape and developing an architecture that melds a tactile legibility with the abstractions of element and mass, core ideas of modernism.
Facing a large stand of old growth hardwoods, the ground floor is predominately floor to ceiling glass. The upper floors, sitting a structure of fir posts and beams, are simple masses clearly expressing the construction and composition of the design.  Massive stone chimneys anchor the assembly to the site.

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